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Sphatik Maa Durga Ji

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Spatik Gemstone Maa Durga Ji

Dimension -(5.50x3x5)

Weight gms-4585
Weight in carat- 917

Pure Sphatik Made Lord Maa Durga Ji Idol :
The Supreme Shakti Maa Durga is worshipped with utmost devotion in the Hindu religion. She is divine with a multi-dimensional demeanor. She is not only a nurturer but also a protector. She is worshipped as the Goddess of strength. She is considered to be the other half of Lord Shiva. While Shiva is the form, Durga is the expression. Her eight arms signify 8 directions. Each of her arms holds a weapon which signifies that she protects her devotee from evil.

Spahtik is the substitute of white Sapphire gemstone :
White sapphire is the gemstone of Planet Venus. White sapphire is a gemstone that has a direct impact on wealth levels. White sapphire is an excellent gemstone for a gain of wealth and uses for wealth in also injudicious manner. White sapphire gives one an alluring person and a presence. White Sapphire makes the person charming and attractive. Spahtik is the substitute of white sapphire gemstone. The Spahtik/quartz gemstone possess tremendous healing powers and known as a Universal Crystal. Spahtik stone beads have always been used to make Malas (necklace) to wear or chant (as rosaries), for bracelets, pendants and Rings.

Characteristics of Planet Venus:
Venus is the planet governing love, romance, beauty, and sensuality. Being a great benefit, it is responsible for determinations of material wealth and prosperity, and most especially marriage or relationships. Luxuries of homes and vehicles fall under the rulership of Venus. Those persons who have business dealing in art, gems, or sensual products must undoubtedly have a strong Venus in their natal chart in order to achieve any substantial success. With Venus showing strength, one has great charm and a loving influence upon others. Wealth and an abundance of personal effects are gained by those who have a well-suited Venus at birth.

Healing Characteristics of the Sphatik stone:
Sphatik stone is a power stone. Sphatik enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing focusing and transmitting. Sphatik malas are used as prayer, they cool the body and calm the mind. Sphatik expels excess heat from the body and can also reduce fever. Sphatik mala helps the mind to concentrate making it easy to meditate. It also helps to get relief from headaces and lower stress and tension by promoting overall of the body. The sphatik rosary has the ability to reduce negative vibration.

About the Durga ji idol made of Sphatik stone :
Meticulously sculpted in a single clear 100% natural quartz crystal gemstone, this magnificent idol of goddess Durga is sure to enhance your puja altar. Goddess Durga is depicted as a warrior woman with eight hands carrying weapons of different kinds assuming mudras, (symbolic hand gestures) that represent her teachings. The eight arms of Durga ji signify 8 directions. Each of her arms holds a weapon which signifies that she protects her devotee from evil.
With the valuable assistance of skilled professionals, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of Sphatik stone made Durga ji Idols. These idols are designed using premium quality Sphatik stone with the help of advanced tools and technology in accordance with latest trends. We offer to our customers an excellent range of pure gemstone made Spiritual God’s Idols which have been carved by fine Artisans.

Note: This Sphatik stone made Durga ji Idol is purified and energized by the Vedic rituals to potentiate its healing energies.

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      917 Carat


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