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Hessonite Maa Durga Ji

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Hessonite Gemstone Maa Durga Ji

Dimension -(6×2.50×5.50)

Weight gms-1487
Weight in carat-7435

Pure Hessonite Made Lord Maa Durga Ji Idol :
The Supreme Shakti Maa Durga is worshipped with utmost devotion in the Hindu religion. She is divine with a multi-dimensional demeanor. She is not only a nurturer but also a protector. She is worshipped as the Goddess of strength. She is considered to be the other half of Lord Shiva. While Shiva is the form, Durga is the expression. Her eight arms signify 8 directions. Each of her arms holds a weapon which signifies that she protects her devotee from evil.

About Hessonite gemstone:
The hessonite gemstone is also called (Gomed) stones in Hindi. Hessonite or Gomed is a Gemstone that is ruled by the planet Rahu, cold in nature and is considered to be a strong Gemstone in remedy for evil effects of Rahu. It is found in colors Orange Brown to Orange Red. It is said to help in achieving heights of success in a short span of time than expected, improves communication in dealing, and also protects from unexpected downfall.

Characteristics of Planet Rahu:
In Vedic Astrology, the Moon’s north node is Rahu, Rahu is also called the dragon’s head. When Rahu is powerfully situated in one’s natal horoscope he can bestow great fame, power, and influence over others, and huge gains in material wealth. Nonetheless, he is never capable of giving any genuine satisfaction despite all temporary material gain.
If Rahu is badly situated at the time of one’s birth, one may be illogical, selfish, and extremely insensitive to others. There can be great fear within, and perhaps even suicidal tendencies. Intense or dark images may be exhibited, and hallucinations and drug addictions are common when this planet is afflicting. There is nothing impossible for a person to do when under such a malefic influence, including torture and murder. In the physical body all sorts of physical and mental disorders and diseases are caused by Rahu’s malefic influence.

Healing Characteristics of the Hessonite stone:
The hessonite Gemstone has a powerful impact on the body’s physiology and immune system. It clears out negative energy pathways, removes toxins and negative traumas and emotions, and gives a boost to the immune system. Wearing the hessonite removes the mental cobwebs of confusion and blesses with clarity and sound decision ability. A hessonite has a direct impact and removes the negative feelings of fear and anxiety. It bestows its wearer with confidence, provides hope, and gives the resolve to face life head-on. Those individuals who are involved in high-profile jobs that require negotiations and a highly competitive atmosphere find the Hessonite gemstone especially effective.

About the Durga ji idol made of hessonite:
A Durga idol made of natural gomed/Hessonite is a prized possession. Gomed gemstones are best for those seeking success in law practice, court cases, government affairs, or political spheres. In the Vedic, Astrology Gomed pacifies the malefic effects of Rahu and destroys obstacles and enemies that create unnecessary hindrances.
With the valuable assistance of skilled professionals, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of Hessonite gemstone-made Idols. These idols are designed using premium quality hessonite gemstone with the help of advanced tools and technology in accordance with the latest trends. We offer to our customers an excellent range of pure gemstone-made Spiritual God’s Idols which have been carved by fine Artisans.

Note: This hessonite gemstone made by Durga Ji Idol is purified and energized by the Vedic rituals to potentiate its healing energies.

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