Shukra Shanti Yagya


Shukra (Venus) Shanti Yagya By Pure Vedic Gems

Conduct this Shukra (Venus) Yagya with Vedic Mantras along with other potent verses for Lord Shukra (Venus)

In our horoscope Venus signifies Love, beauty, romance, marriage, partnership, refinement, style, elegance, charm, peace, joy, harmony, spouse, happiness, delight, fortune, good luck, virtue, amiability, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, affection, kindness, sensitivity, female qualities, womanliness, curly hair, attraction, luster, splendor, vanity, glamour etc.

lack of affection, little appreciation of beauty, ill-reputation, scandal, loss of conveyances and luxury items. Problems related to marriage, financial losses, lack of luxuries, love failures, problems to gene etc. are the significations of malefic Venus.

If you are having any one of these doshas in your birth chart you are advised to perform shanti Yagya to Venus.

Means worshiping Venus with Mantra, Tantra and Yagya. This remedy will never give negative results and this will increase positive results of Shukra (Venus).


Let’s discuss the Vedic Pooja for Venus better referred to as Shukra Shanti Yagya or Shukra Graha Pooja.

Shukra pooja is performed in order to rectify the malefic Venus in a horoscope to remove negativity or to avail benefits from already benefic Venus in horoscope for positivity. Shukra Shanti Yagya starts and on Friday generally but it may end on some other day in accordance with the time required by the priest/pundits to complete the enchantment of Shukra Ved Mantra which takes around 1 Day usually if vedic pandits do it collectively. Different steps in Shukra pooja is called Shukra pooja Vidhi that will be discussed in the article.

The most significant step in whole pooja is the chanting of the whole jaap that may go as high as 20000 in count of Vedic mantras. All the other procedure in Shukra Pooja Vidhi is based around these chants. Then a specific day is chosen for the commencement and ending of Venus Pooja which is Friday in case of this pooja or Yagya. The reason behind choosing this pooja is because pundits generally take 1 Day to complete the pooja. To begin any pooja “a Sankalpam” or “resolution” is taken by head pundit on behalf of other assistant pundits. In this Sankalpam it is mentioned that they are performing Venus Yagya on behalf of the native (his name), his father’s name, gotra, name of assistant pundits, time duration for the completion of Yagya is proposed and it is mentioned that they shall perform chanting of 20,000 Shukra Vedic mantra in order to pacify the malefic Venus or avail benefits from the already benefic venus and for the native to be blessed on the successful completion of pooja. Additional requests and wishes made by the natives are also mentioned in this step.

After the Sankalpam, all the Pandits keep on chanting Shukra Veda mantra in order to complete the pooja in proposed time. When the pooja is completed, all the Vedic Mantra’s being enchanted, a completion ceremony is organized in which deities, and members of Shiva family are worshipped with many offerings like flowers, fruits, sweets, halwa, dhoop, Deepak, milk, curd, honey, desi ghee, sugar and other things. In this completion ceremony head pundit keep on repeating that he has completed the pooja in given time and the native has also followed all the procedures so he should be blessed with the benefic Venus or removal of malefic sun by the blessings of the god and goddess. It is to be noted here that significant planet in navgraha is also offered and donated with offering in the completion ceremony. These offerings include copper, sugar, wheat, rice, milk, oil, utensils, pulses, lentils, moles and other specific things. After this puja, the blessings are taken from the gods and goddess to start the final ceremony of next step is performing Havana.

This is an important and powerful procedure and this pooja should be performed by trained pundits only. In this Havana a direct connection between the corresponding planet and natives is established by the mantras from pundits. It is a bit technical step and involves accuracy and precision in practice. A holy fire is lit which is called Yagna. In this process after the chant of each mantra, an offering is donated to the fire of Havan Kund. With the end of each mantra a sound of “Swaha” is produced and then offering is devoted to the fire. This process goes in sync for long and is repeated again and again. These things offered to the fire from pooja samagri, and may differ for different poojas. At the end a dry coconut filled with specific fillings recommended by pundits are offered to the holy-yagna and mantras are chanted by pundits on native’s behalf. After which the native is asked to go circles around the havan- kund. These circle may be of 1, 3 or 7 in number according to the nature of pooja and this step is called “Parikrama”. This marks the end of Shukra pooja.

All the above mentioned steps are to be performed in specific manner recommended by the Pundits in accordant with the Vedic Jyotish. You may not get the desired result if you log behind in some procedure and do not perform it in prescribed manner. Other than these processes, there are certain guidelines and precautions for the native which one should follow during the running time of Pooja. One is prohibited to consumption of alcohol and should refrain from smoking. The native is advised to have good conduct and should not take part in any act of violence. One should not eat non-vegetarian food till the end of pooja. One is refrained to get involved in physical or sexual contacts with his partner whether married or unmarried. One should rise early morning, take bath and pray to. He or she should try to connect with Shukra Pooja and pray to be blessed by the gods.

The point to note here is that Shukra Pooja can be conducted with or without the presence of Native. This is that the pooja can be conducted by pundits on native’s behalf if he is unable to be present due to certain circumstances. A photograph is kept as a symbol of the native and head pundit mentions the name of the pundit who shall perform mantras on native’s behalf and the native should be blessed. The pundit designated first performs the native’s mantras and then his. This way with the help of assistant pundits, Venus Pooja or Yagya can be conducted with or without the presence of the native.

After completing the chant of 20,000 Shukra Vedic mantras and followed the procedures as mentioned above, a person may reduce malefic Venus in horoscope or get benefits from already benefic Venus in a horoscope.

When Venus is placed in a weak or bad position in horoscope or its dasha is running. When Shukra is weak in the horoscope it results problems in marriage, insensitivity, coarse and vulgar behavior. Difficulty in expressing feelings, it may cause weak kidneys and reproductive system, or even infertility.

Puja service includes:-

• Sankalp
• Shukra Mantra Japa
• Shukra Homa, Puja & Hawan Samigri
• Dakshina to Pandit Ji.


• It brings wealth, comforts and a beauty.
• Increases the knowledge of the secret sciences
• It increases the quality of love, romance and beauty.

Shukra Shanti Vedic yagya is performed by three experienced and learned pundits. There are 20,000 vedic mantras chanted in this yagya. It takes 8-9 hours to get this yagya done.

How does it work?:-

• Once you have placed an order for Yagya on the site, you will receive a confirmation mail from us.
• Within the next 36 hours you will receive an email from Team PureVedicGems informing you about the time, date and venue for the
• This email will also feature a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed by you on the day of Yagya.
• You may also choose to attend the Puja personally or have a representative attend the Yagya.
• Video Link or DVD is provided in case you can’t able to attend Yagya.