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Japanese Red Coral 6.15ct-On Demand

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Japanese Red Coral Gemstone

Japanese Red Coral 6.15ct-On Demand

About Japanese Red Coral gemstone.
Japanese Red Corals are rare precious variety of the Red Coral gemstones that are sourced from Japan. The highest and more rare quality of this Red Coral is the “OXBLOOD” color and is famously worn as an astrological healing gemstone. This origin of Red coral gemstone mostly has white color marks on them. This gemstone is recommended for those who have planet Mars positioned in an auspicious house in the native ascendant chart and Mars energy needs to be boosted in that person’s life. Mars is a massive planet that is contemplated to be the supreme commander among all the Planets.

How to wear Japanese Red coral gemstone

Red coral should be worn in the ring finger of the working (mostly right) hand. It should be worn on Tuesday early morning. Before wearing one must wash it with unboiled milk and honey, and after that wash it with Ganga Jal or pure water. Then recite

“Om Mangalay Namah/Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om ”

108 times while wearing the Red coral gemstone.

Benefits of Japanese Red Coral gemstone

• Red coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual.
• Red coral gemstone boosts the self-esteem of the wearer. This gemstone has amazing healing effects.
• It helps in overcoming various skin-related problems, like boils acne, and more.
• Japanese Red Coral improves our name and fame.
• It can improve our love life and give us extra energy.
• Japanese red coral improves financial stability, it gives the willingness to meet challenges and face critical situations.
• Red coral improves our self-confidence and positivity.

Additional Information

      Oval Cabochon
      Reddish Orange
      Reddish Cabochoe


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