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Siddha Mala

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Siddha Mala

Significance of Siddha Mala Natural Rudraksha

The Siddha Mala, adorned with Natural Rudraksha beads ranging from 1 to 14 Mukhi, holds profound spiritual significance in Hinduism. Each facet symbolises unique energies: from the supreme reality in One Mukhi to protective attributes in Fourteen Mukhi, associated with Lord Hanuman. This sacred garland brings clarity, balances relationships, purifies the mind, and confers blessings such as wealth, courage, and divine protection. Worn during meditation or prayer, the Siddha Mala is a revered tool for spiritual seekers, aligning with ancient Hindu traditions to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Benefits of Siddha Mala Natural Rudraksha:

The Siddha Mala, adorned with Natural Rudraksha beads from 1 to 14 Mukhi, along with Gauri Shankar (a combination of two joined Rudraksha representing the divine union of Shiva and Shakti) and Ganesh (Ganesha-shaped Rudraksha), offers a spectrum of spiritual benefits:

Clarity and Focus:
One Mukhi Rudraksha enhances clarity and concentration during meditation.

Harmony in Relationships:
Two Mukhi Rudraksha symbolises unity, fostering harmony in relationships.

Karma Release:
Three Mukhi Rudraksha purifies the mind, releasing past karma.

Knowledge and Learning:
Four Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with knowledge, creativity, and learning.

Overall Well-being:
Five Mukhi Rudraksha promotes overall well-being and balance.

Willpower and Overcoming Obstacles:
Six Mukhi Rudraksha enhances willpower and aids in overcoming obstacles.

Wealth and Prosperity:
Seven Mukhi Rudraksha brings wealth, prosperity, and success.

Obstacle Removal and Wisdom:
Eight Mukhi Rudraksha removes obstacles and imparts wisdom.

Courage and Protection:
Nine Mukhi Rudraksha boosts courage, strength, and protection.

Divine Protection and Blessings:
Ten Mukhi Rudraksha provides divine protection and blessings.

Strength and Protection:
Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with strength, courage, and protection.

Leadership and Charisma:
Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha enhances leadership qualities, confidence, and charisma.

Prosperity and Victory:
Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha brings prosperity, power, and victory.

Spiritual Growth and Protection:
Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha offers spiritual growth and protection, linked with Lord Hanuman.

Divine Union (Gauri Shankar):
Represents the union of Shiva and Shakti, fostering harmony in relationships and spiritual growth.

Wisdom and Remover of Obstacles (Ganesh):
Ganesh-shaped Rudraksha symbolises wisdom and removes obstacles from one’s path.

How to wear Siddha Mala Natural Rudraksha ?

Before wearing, cleanse the Mala to purify it from any negative energies. Set a positive intention or prayer, aligning it with your astrological energies. Wear the Mala on the right hand, as per Vedic tradition, to enhance the flow of beneficial planetary energies. Utilise the thumb and middle finger while chanting or meditation to activate corresponding energy channels. This practice harmonises with one’s astrological influences. We at Pure Vedic Gems have a team of learned Vedic priests (pandits) who can conduct personalised energisation and purification rituals as per Vedic astrology. Contact us for more details.




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